CPD23 Thing 2 – Blogging con’t

I know I was supposed to do this in the same week as Thing 1 but that wasn’t possible. I had an ADO last Friday and a load of things to do before taking my day off (I’ve got ADO time mounting up fast – it’s a problem finding time to take it!). So here I am 🙂 I’ve clicked on the Delicious link and have limited to health/medical … and now I’ve made some comments on some blogs. Lots of others are way ahead of the game than I am and it is interesting to see how people are tackling the different sections. I enjoyed reading Deborah’s CPD Blog Thing 10&11 entry (entry into professional librarianship and mentoring), and I’ve made a comment. I’ll add more to my comment when I get up to this stage of the course. The first thing I noticed however, was the variety of options for applying a username to your comments. If you use each one (if you have an account),  it would be very easy to build up a person’s online profile…

2 responses to “CPD23 Thing 2 – Blogging con’t

  1. What did you use to design your blog? It’s really awesome can you send me an email and let me know?

    • Hi

      I used the Coraline template with some of the widgets available. There are some medical image websites that have some free use provisions, you’d have to check though. I had a look at your website – have you used MedlinePlus?

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