Reading ALIA, or – that pile of reading material on my desk. Pt1

I’ve got a little pile on my desk of ALIA publications – INCITE and The Australian Library Journal. I’m reading a few articles from each.

Gunton, L (2011). Religious information literacy: using information to learn in church community. TALJ Vol 60  No 2. pg155-164

As an atheist, I wouldn’t normally read this type of article.  However, I am getting interested in information literacy, particularly health information literacy and perhaps this article would include something that I could use to develop consumer health literacy programs.  I also note that the author does not state conflict of interests which could impact much on her research ie what faith does she profess? Take home points:  people must want to be life-long learners to engage with your activities;  information must be personalisable for people to fully engage with it and for them to see that it is relevant to them.  To finish – this article is lacking in that it only considers christianity. What about learning amongst other spiritual communities such as islam, hinduism, buddism – all of which have a considerable presence in Australia? It would make for a much richer research.

Middleton, M (2011). Portrayal of librarians in Australian creative writing. TALJ Vol 60  No 2. pg155-164

I decided to read this for fun as in the past, I have written essays about the portrayal of librarians in the media and have an interest in the enduring sterotype of the librarian (is it much of an issue still? do tell!). This reviewer found more in the way of characterisation than stereotype, as well as a lack of author knowledge as to what functions librarians fulfill – which results in lots of amusing episodes. And guess what? There is fiction about zombie librarians!! Who knew?

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