Mendeley WebEx session

I’ve just attended the Medeley WebEx session called Mendeley for Librarians. Despite the host not speaking entirely clearly (this was hosted from the US so that could have had something to do with it), I got something out of the session.

A few of my colleagues in HTA and Cochrane use this tool so I was keen to sit through this free session to find out more. Mendeley has two components –  web access to ‘the cloud’ and a desktop tool. IT here have blocked me downloading the desktop tool on my work PC so I can’t use the most useful part!  Mendeley has 3 functions: reference library, research collaboration and social networking. I’m not too keen about the social networking part because I’m on so many of these already and not sure how another would benefit me.  However, what really caught my eye was that within the reference library, you have the ability to search using MeSH terms! Also of interest, you can find out how many people within Mendeley are reading your papers via a tool called ReaderMeter.

If you use Mendeley, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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