CPD23 Thing 6 – Online networks

I’m listed on 3 networking sites listed in this Thing – LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.  I looked at James Mullan’s and Nicola Franklin’s LinkedIn page and though CPD23 terms this as ‘best practice’, it has me nonplussed. Mostly because I think these look like CV’s and if you want to use LinkedIn as a job seeking platform, then that’s fine. For me, I want to use LinkedIn as a way to connect with my HTA , hospital and librarian colleagues (in some instances, arranging to meet for lunch!). I started getting more out of this service when I joined some groups and I’m also able to advertise workshops that I’m facilitating in or organising. There are some pests on LinkedIn (like any other service that offers free membership) that continually post spam messages. In one group I’m a member of, I move these spam messages to the ‘Promotions’ box. There is an option to ‘flag as inappropriate’ but from what I know, too much flagging could lead you to be marked as a spammer. Sigh!!

From the CPD23 website: … And do you agree with the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, when he said: “Facebook is the backyard BBQ; LinkedIn is the office”? … I laughed when I read that. If LinkedIn is the office, sometimes nothing much happens and then there is a burst of activity. And as for FaceBook being a BBQ, it is more of a free for all feast full of people gorging on just about everything!

FaceBook (FB for short) was a time sink for me initially as I kept up with lots of people and their activities. I posted on FB when my husband and I went on holiday, sharing photos and doings. Now, it is more of a once every other day activity where I log on and see what my friends have been up to (more often when friends & family are on holiday). I don’t network using FB as a rule but one of my international colleagues prefers communicating via this medium rather than LinkedIn, so I guess I’ve been using it very slightly for professional purposes. FB has changed so much recently that I’ve almost gone off it.

I got an invite to Google+ from an online friend and librarian in the US (I used to belong to an online social group of librarians from all sectors and I still keep in touch via FB). I’m keen to explore Circles and Hangouts. So far, it looks more flexible and less busy than FB.

As for the other networks mentioned in the CPD23 post, the only one I’d consider joining is Librarians as Teachers Network (LAT). I’ve just started to teach in my new position and surprisingly, I’m finding that I enjoy it. I will definitely check it out when I have more time.

One response to “CPD23 Thing 6 – Online networks

  1. Hello! I too used FB avidly but now only about once a week to see what people are up to and to keep in touch with people I met travelling. I’ve just discovered the CPD23 things and although the course has finished thought I’d work my way through it and have a go at some new stuff!

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