CPD23 Thing 9 – Evernote

Thanks to Lisa Hutchins for putting my thoughts into words about Evernote. Read her blog post here. Lisa has some very pertinent points about using tools like Evernote. The ones I will reiterate here are a) do not rely on these free cloud-based services as the plug could be pulled any moment and b) do not upload personal information that should only be available to you (and your bank…), whaterver the terms and conditions say! I use the Firefox browser at work and so installing the add-on was not a problem. However, IT at work forbids people downloading applications from the web willy nilly and so I couldn’t download the desktop tool. I tried at home on my Mac but my OS is not the most recent one and can’t support it. I guess I could try it on my newer laptop… Anyhow, I’ve got Evernote on my Firefox toolbar at home.  It seems like a useful tool at first glance, and some of my colleagues have used it to capture information from websites such as clinical trial registries (most registries do not have the function to download records). I’ve tried the Webclipper tool and I just can’t get it to work for me yet. Perhaps I should watch an instructional YouTube video (and read instructions from Evernote). I’ll update when I’ve got the hang of it and report usefulness.

Update: Right after publishing this I worked out how to use the Webclipper. Useful indeed! You can take snaps of whole pages or partial and add your notes and tags to them. I see myself organising my bookmarks and random PDFs that I’ve saved to my desktop over summer. Of course, I will be using a backup system as well.

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