CPD23 Thing 13: Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox

I’ve made a presentation in Google Docs and it is open to everyone – just click on this link. It it a ‘how to’ presentation about  searching PubMed’s Clinical Queries using MeSH terms. Please let me know what you think! Is it clear? I’m thinking of using this in our Moodle site. I really like the presentation software in GoogleDocs. There are less template options compared to Microsoft’s PowerPoint (a plus in my opinion) and it seems easier to work with.  I’ve used GoogleDocs before Google was revamped. There are some more options now that I haven’t tried out yet. 2 years ago, I was assisting in organising a workshop and a selection of people were to review the submissions. I suggested we all use GoogleDocs to share a common document and add our own comments next to submissions. This worked out well. I tried to do it again with another document this year but it didn’t work out because some people that I invited using their work emails had the document blocked. This was because their organisation was using Gmail as their email client. I didn’t want to have to ask people to create a new account with Google so – once again it was back to Word documents via email.

Dropbox sounds like a good alternative when GoogleDocs can’t be used.
However, I can’t download this software onto my work computer (IT forbids .exe files to be downloaded) so I will try this service out using my laptops at home.

My first exposure to wikis was when I did an online course (free!) called Dig Deeper with Social Media via PBWorks a few years ago. That is where I also played with GoogleDocs for the first time. This was an interesting concept – running a free course via a wiki where everyone could add comments to the various sections. This could only work with a small number of people though and even then, the updates from PBWorks were a mess. Since then, I’ve experimented with using a wiki (using PBWorks) for a journal club training group at my previous workplace. It took a little while for people to get involved but once they did, it was a success. I’m thinking of doing the same thing at my current workplace. I used a blog as an experimental journal club first, with not much success. I do feel wikis are better for this type of activity.

Library Day in the Life Project: Something really fun to do and to read! This project gives a great overview as to the variety of library jobs and what is a typical (or not so typical) day. My contribution will be added in January 2012.

Library Routes Project: A bit like CPD23 Thing 10, but can be in greater detail. I’ve enjoyed reading articles (posts) in this wiki, and I’ll be adding my story very soon!


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