Presented by Michael Sauers
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Click here to listen and watch the archived tutorial 

I’m on Google+ but I haven’t used it much yet. I’m not often on Facebook either these days. This seminar clearly demonstrated and explained the functionality of Google+ and I discovered some things I didn’t know about it. You can now create ‘pages’ so if your organisation has a presence on Facebook, you could also have a presenence on Google+. The Google+ page seems to be more interactive which I like. There is also the Hangout where you can have online real-time video meetings and there are various privacy levels you can set them to. How would a medical library use these tools? Maybe project work? Journal clubs? Online reference?? I like the Circles and how they function – and it is very easy to set privacy on sharing information, easy to delete information too. Facebook has gotten way to complicated in this area. Google+ seems here to stay as the company is working to integrate it with all the other services that it offers. 1+ signs are already appearing in Google search results. Are you on Google+? What do you think about it and how do you use it? I’m interested!

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