Are there any destinations you would never want to visit?

It’s the holiday season and so I decided to follow theredheadedtraveller and her list of 5 places she doesn’t care to visit. Here are mine in no particular order – they are destinations that just don’t appeal to me.

Rio de Jainero

I was going to go here this year because it was the location of a conference I had to attend, and my heart sunk when I found out. I’m not a beach person and there didn’t seem to be me very many cultural spaces to visit that were not religious. My husband and I couldn’t go because the Chilean volcanic ash cloud disrupted all flights out of Australia.


I’m not a beach person and not a resort person either. I do love boats though. But I couldn’t enjoy a holiday where I did the same activity every day. I might find Fijian urban areas of interest for a short while with the food and markets etc. Then there is the politics …


I’d not want to go here because this is where every Australian bogan goes for a holiday. Who wants to be stuck with a bunch of bogans? I do enjoy Hindi and Muslim culture in SE Asian countries and wouldn’t hesitate to visit Malaysia again.


I’d love to visit Khartoum to see the ancient Egyptian temples if ever the area becomes politically stable and safe for tourists. I don’t really want to visit Egypt because of the crowds, pollution and the fact that my visit would contribute to the deterioration of the ancient Egyptian monuments. The monuments close to the city are subjected to tons of tourists every year and as such, are deteriorating.


If you are not Christian, Muslim or Jewish, this city has little appeal. I’d rather go to Turkey, Greece or Italy for my Classical and Neolithic history kick. I’d travel here if there was a conference though.

What destinations don’t you want to visit? Comment or drop me a line!

All pictures in this post are taken from Wikipedia country/city entries

5 responses to “Are there any destinations you would never want to visit?

  1. I completely agree with you over your reasons for not wanting to visit Egypt! I’m quite saddened that the violence continues there but as you said, the mobs and pollution are a facet of life at all times, violence or no violence. While I would like to visit Fiji I think I would choose French Polynesia or Bali more (the former especially as I want to stay in an over water bungalow simply for bragging rights 🙂 I did find it interesting what you said about Bali, with your being so close to it, I supposed it’s not nearly as exotic sounding as it is to me on the east coast of the United States. Great list!

    • Thanks for your comments! 🙂 I’d pick French Polynesia, the Maldives or Seychelles. I’ve not visited the US yet, but might next year. There is a library conference in Boston that I’d love to go to. I’m going to Seoul that year also though. Can I manage both? 🙂

  2. The one that comes to me with huge warning signs is Somalia and nearby (for which I want to check a map), because of the pirates and large numbers of kidnappings.

  3. ” Since bogan seems to mean something different to everyone, I m going to talk my perceptions of class rather than bogans in particular.

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