Library Day in the Life Project Day 1

I had an accrued day off today. I had a morning appointment at the  Austin Repat in Heidelberg for a Bone Scan, which went surprisingly quickly. I was home again under an hour. I did some supermarket shopping and had to pick up a box of hearing-aid batteries (a thirty minute wait before I could be attended to). My husband and I were planning to go to St Vincent’s to see a friend’s art exhibition – she is the hospital’s resident artist, but we were both tired after little sleep last night (it was humid and the temp didn’t drop below 22c), so we decided to stay home. Luckily we did as it became nasty outside quickly.  My Bad Science book arrived from Amazon, and I dipped into it immediately! I have to admit that I am a Goldacre fan. I’m especially looking forward to reading the pseudo effect chapter. Mark (husband) and I have just finished watching a TV program hosted by Sir Peter Nurse about science and science deniers, and that scientists should be more open to the media. Lots of food for thought there. One of them for me is that you can’t separate science from politics and media control … Perhaps more scientists should do stand-up like Goldacre’s gig at Nerdstock 2009? Prepping for the work day tomorrow, which includes taking in my gym clothes.


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