Library Day in the Life Project Day 3

Get to work at 7.30am and turn on PC and make tea. Look at some emails and I see that I will need to start reviewing abstracts for the HTAi conference soon. Firefox needs an update but do that after my 8am appt. My boss is working at the front counter and she tells me she’ll let me know when person turns up. Person turns up right on time and I take her into my office, which is off the library workroom. Library is still dark as we don’t open until 8.30am. Show her around EBSCO databases – searching for her topic (she has a research grant and is making a start on her project), making an account, saving searches and emailing search results.  Appt goes for 1.5 hrs and after that I go to one of the hospital cafes for breakfast (see someone from Medical Education and we exchange waves). No other appts today but some people want to see me including one of the women from the inservice I did yesterday. Got some database searches due today so start on those when I get back from breakfast.

Breakfast (9.30am-10.30am) is very filling and I don’t need lunch! I work on the search request that is due today. It is a little complex and I have to think about how to go about it. I try some strategies and soon get on the right track. Meanwhile, I am dipping in and out of email – I have quite a lot and the system keeps telling me that my inbox is nearly full. Grrr – I’m working on it! I finish the search due today, which was about HIV testing behaviour amongst gay men, and I send it off (I searched Medline, CINAHL, PsycINFO and Embase).  I have a back and forth email conversation with the pharm clinical co-ordinator who saw me yesterday morning about booking training for new pharm interns. I suggest an early date in April and he says yes – I go back to the shared calendar where we book the library training room, and the spot and time have been taken!! I quickly take the time for the week following and luckily it suits him. I look at the emails from IRG colleagues – I’ve got fillers for our first e-newsletter and one of the librarians tells me that she is happy to be part of the abstract reviewer panel for the HTAi conference. I email the HTAi Secretariat with the information. I have time to do some of another search and this one is for mental health screening. It is in a few parts and I finish one (I have my crackers and cheese at this point). Then I get to the email about clinical governance that I got from another hospital yesterday and I answer that. Part of that were questions as to what clinical meetings I go to. This reminds me that I need to get in touch with the people leading the ward rounds for Yr1 interns this month about joining the team. I find the rosters on the intranet and email a person – and it turns out that they are not taking that one and they direct me to another person, so I email them. I also email the people who asked for interested staffers to join the patient information and smokefree focus groups – I can contribute to both. Thus ends my day.

I go to gym at 4.30pm for another session and come back to the office to shut off my computer and gather my belongings together. Right near one of the building exits, I am asked for directions which I gladly give, and I just miss a tram – drat! Wait for about 10mins and another comes along – and it is packed! We all cram in and it is a sardine trip home.

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