Library Day in the Life Project Day 4

I get to work this time at 8.30am. Greet early start staff and turn into my office and turn on my PC. The system has been telling me that I need to change my login password so I do that – no immediate need to crank the PC up immediately. Make myself tea and look at email. Make a note that I need to get the early advertising email drafted for the IRG workshop. Finish up 2 searches for mental health and drug alcohol screening for adolescents and send them off. See an email from a senior medical person about the journal club question answer repository. They have been added to TRIP Answers by my predecessor but I haven’t uploaded any yet (though the journal club write-ups are sitting in an email folder). Look for instructions for adding them to TripA in my email somewhere – find them and open PDF instructions. The login how-to doesn’t work now and I find out that the site has been upgraded so I email the manager to ask for new instructions. The senior medical person who wrote the email pops in and I find out he is interested in a separate shared system for RMH staff/students and the relevant medical college. After this conversation I open the Cochrane search email with draft protocol attachment and have a look and a think. Start adding terms in EBSCO Medline. Work steadily on this with the odd dip into email. Save the search as the first Grand Rounds for the year – with free lunch beforehand! – is starting. The subject is the new MD course. I chat with people at the lunch – it is the first time we have seen each other since the break. One of the Royal Park mental health staff is there – I forget her name (whoops :/) – she is there for another education event. She asks me about anatomy pieces and whether the library has any. She says it is so hard to find any, so I make a mental note to discuss with my boss. On the way back to the library I see a friend of my husband come out of the Clinical School. He is in IT and has his office just above mine upstairs. Exchange pleasantries and go back to my office to finish the EBSCO Medline search. The phone rings and a call is put through from the local paper – a non-work issues. The person who emailed me about clinical governance and how I contribute emailed me to ask if she could chat with me on the phone sometime. I email her a time and ring her, she isn’t there so I leave a message suggesting we meet for a coffee and chat. Finally figure out something about searching that I should have figured out earlier, so I have a face-palm moment. Oh well! And it is time to go.

I just miss a tram … but another comes along soon. And it isn’t packed!

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