Library Day in the Life Project Day 5

I don’t work on weekends so this is the last day of the Library Day in the Life project for me (I’m writing this on Saturday because I went out to dinner with Mark after work – an early dinner before he went in to attend an art lecture – and I was too tired to write up the day when I got home). This project has been good reflective practice – thinking about what I actually do and perhaps what I can change to become more effective at work. I have also enjoyed reading what other people in all sorts of libraries do in their day-to-day jobs.

I get to work at 8.30am, make tea and turn on PC. I check emails, looking for anything that needs my immediate attention. I get a message from the lead of the local organising committee for HTAi2012. Someone has a session about a systematic review data repository project they want to tell everyone about but were too late for the workshop proposals. Do we have space in the IRG workshop? We have an extra hour if we want (we have a full day workshop but ours goes until 4pm). I email the chair-elect and ask him what he thinks. Luckily this has come before we start full scale advertising! I get an email from Jon about Trip Answers with the needed instructions, but it also gives me food for thought. I found out Thursday before leaving work that I’m scheduled to go to VALA for a day on Tuesday 7th, so I have to rearrange 1 appt. Luckily, the person who had booked an inservice on that day asked to change it to the 14th, no problems for me. More emails about the pharm residency training thing –  3 people will be away that day that we settled on so I look in the calendar for a free library training room spot that matches with a day I’m available and a day that the residents are available. Find it and book it! It is for the end of this month on the same week I am teaching at The Women’s Complex Care Course (the research part – not the clinical care part! – though I did go to an Endocrinology clinical case meeting where we went to Pathology and looked at cells through the microscope – that was fun …). I go to have morning tea at one of the hospital cafes and am joined by a library staffer. Back at work, I knuckle down on the Cochrane searches (I look at Mantis  – I’ll be searching this for the first time so I read about what it contains etc). Work steadily on this until lunch break, and then finish as much as I can on the searches. I’m just looking at terms at this stage and building strategies for various databases. Plan to get to work at 7.30am Monday to do as much as I can before person arrives for our 11.30am meeting.

Leave work at 4.30pm, meet Mark and have dinner.

That’s my work week!

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