VALA – thoughts about Tuesday Day 2

I went to Annie Yee’s talk about mobile access to library resources and despite the growing availability of them in Australia, she says that not many people are using them. Why this is the case was not covered but it gives librarians a case to pause and think before developing more. The apps most available are for smart phones and usage of this technology is growing in Australia. So what is going on? Could we use QR codes? I don’t know much about QR codes but the Krafty Librarian has been experimenting with them for facilitating access to ebooks. Next up was a session about the Clinicians Health Channel which didn’t add anything to what I already knew about the service. I guess this was more interesting to those from interstate. I then nipped out to go to Toby Burrows and Kate Croker’s ‘Supporting researcher in the era of data deluge. I thought it an excellent example at broadening the horizions of information services. What with university research being heavily reliant on repositories and IT, it makes sense to combine the library and IT departments. Burrows said that ultimately, the merger of activies was aimed to provide better services for researchers and provided opportunities for outreach services such as data management.  There were some other topics of interest for me and that was using iPads for teaching and teaching via Facebook. The Facebook session was interesting because the students who were from all around the world collaborated on discussions and sharing information. They even kept the group going (turned it into a professional development group) after the course had finished. Facebook is blocked at work but some other social networking sites such as Google+ are not. How could I use it? The iPad session had more immediate relevance. Because the uptake of these technologies are so rapid, it makes sense to train with them. I’m going to put my thinking cap on and start imaging how I could use it in my sessions.

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