CPD 23 Thing 17: The Medium is the Message – Prezi and Slideshare


I’ve heard and read a lot about Prezi, and I’ve also sat through some Prezi presentations. At my first exposure to Prezi, I didn’t expect the screen to be moving around so much so I was a little disorientated by the experience.  However, by looking at or watching  – or experiencing (what words do you use with Prezi?) I’ve briefly tried to develop  a Prezi presentation but I gave up because I didn’t have to time to spend agonising over it. However,  Ned Potter’s excellent presentation has given me renewed interest.

Update: Well, maybe I should have spent time agonising over it! I have 2 back to back classes about using Prezi to give this Thursday and I have been busily getting back to figuring it out.  This is what I’ve made so far and in my classes, I will edit this to add a video, change spellings etc.


I’ve heard of it but I’ve not used it for viewing peoples presentations, let alone adding mine.  And I don’t it is a replacement for the paper CV! That depends on the organisation hiring of course – they might require you to present your CV to them in an innovative way. Otherwise, not for CVs but for interview presentations, certainly. As as well as acting as an archive, it could act as a back-up for any presentation you plan on giving.  There are some good presentations and some awful ones in Slideshare. The good – this ppt certainly reinforces good points about presentation – and not only for presentations but for all sorts of media such as blogs and blog posts, websites etc. The average – a library one unfortunately, and I’ve been guilty of doing presentations like this. The ugly – surely this one could be shorter and look more arresting?  The inexplicable! Did the presenters read this out???

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