Twitter redux

My use of Twitter hasn’t increased much after the CPD23 introduction, but since reading a Krafty Librarian post about the clunkiness of the Twitter interface and how she prefers to use third party software to read and send tweets, I thought – I wonder if I can use Netvibes to read Twitter conversations? I have an account with Netvibes for Evidence Direct to put a whole lot RSS feeds, videos, Twitter feeds etc in one dashboard but haven’t used it for myself as yet. So yesterday I made a basic page for myself and added a Twitter widget to bring up my own account. I then dragged and dropped Krafty’s name onto a blank section of the screen which brought up all her tweets. Krafty participates in a #medlibs chat on Twitter that has had some promotion, but I tried following the chat via the Twitter interface and it was too clunky. So – looking through Krafty’s tweets I found the #medlibs conversation link and dragged and dropped that onto an empty space on my dashboard – success!! Hurray! Now I can’t wait until the next live chat happens.

Below is a snapshot of my still-to-be -completed Netvibes page:

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