How not to make collections accessible

My husband and I visited MONA in mid-September this year. The ferry there and the approach to the gallery is impressive, but it started to go downhill when we were given the ‘O’ , an electronic device which contains title/artist information with more information available under ‘Art Wank’. It was all rather puerile and icky. The  O makes locating information a difficult task. Nowhere on the device was the fact that two or even three collections were in one room – the device only shows ‘nearby’ art works grouped in collections. There were no signs in the rooms as to what collection you were looking at – you had to work it out via the O. The staff were unhelpful in instructing how to use the device – one woman opened her instruction to us with ‘It’s easy!’ You should never make your audience feel like idiots. If I were organising electronic guides for MONA, I would have put QR codes on each object or collection so people could scan for information if they wanted to find out more. I would also have put signs on the walls for people to read if they didn’t want to use or couldn’t manage electronic devices. Electronic devices all very funky and exciting etc but I still believe there should be multiple information access points.

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