2012 – Year in Review

I’m copying this idea from Sarah Houghton over at Librarian in Black. So here is my year in review.

Book – Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Movie – Burn After Reading Second time I’ve seen it but still had me rolling in the aisles. This is at home mind you, don’t really go out to the cinema anymore

Art – Jeff Koon’s Puppy @ Guggenheim Bilbao

Band – Red Rockets of Borneo 

Song – Parklife by Blur I love the spoken word piece and the music video is fun too!

Serious Technology – Musiclink (sensorcom) audio hooks that sit behind the hearing aid and can be used with iPods, the TV, computer, iPad, mobile phone – you name it. At last!!

Less Serious Technology – Feedler app for the iPad

Conference – HTAi12 in Bilbao, Spain

Fan Girl Squee Moment – Amanda Palmer giving us (and other passengers) a free  show on the No.19 tram. Watch it here.

New Service for Libraries – I can’t think of any at the mo! Have any suggestions??

Personal Accomplishment – reading 47 or 52 books for my 52 Books Around the World 2012 reading challenge. I nearly did it!

Professional Accomplishment – Running my first ever workshop in Bilbao, Spain in June for HTAi12. I also chaired a session which went really well despite one hearing-aid battery running out in the middle of it!

Library Innovation – In-service training for nurses

Indoor Event – La Soiree Fan-b******-tastic!

Outdoor Event – Blender Studios Artists Market

Support for Open Data – BMJ

Bar –The  Crimean Check out the vodka trolley!

Restaurant – Taxi Dining Room Melbourne (this category is my addition)

Pub – The Post Office Hotel Melbourne (this category is my addition)

Treat – German gingerbread (Lebkuchen)

Photo of me that you will never see – failed passport photos, hee!

Meme – Grumpy Cat (I second Sarah’s choice!)

Want to add your thoughts? Fire away!

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