Hello everybody!! Happy new year. clinicallibrarian.wordpress.com is the blog I’ve had the longest and so I have decided to merge my writing for my CPD and other activities to that blog, as well as write about EBM tools and other items of interest in a more regular fashion. I just read a post from Krafty proposing a plan for guest bloggers to post to her blog while she undertakes MLA presidential duties and I put my hand up for it, which led to this very new decision about my own blogs.  I have too many blogs now and as a result, write less. Time for a change!

2015 will be a busy year conference-wise and education-wise. I plan to attend 3 conferences: MLA15 in Austin TX USA in May, and EAHIL (Edinburgh UK) and HTAi2015 (Oslo, Norway) in June. EAHIL is a week before HTAi so I thought, why not do both! There will be plenty of education events too, including a Teaching EBM course in Oxford (tentative at this moment as I just emailed an expression of interest yesterday).

Work will be busy also, with new education sessions being planned and a possible new rounding schedule.

Goodby and let’s begin!

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  1. Exciting year you’ve got mapped out, there! Looking forward to reading your blog posts throughout 2015. Will your guest posts on Krafty’s blog be published here too?

    This reminds me, I really need to sit down and write another blog post of my own! Hmm…

    • Hi Steven – thanks! I’m not going to write in this blog – everything will be in clinicallibrarian.wordpress.com from now on. If Krafty approves of me as a contributor (and she will accept volunteers in March I think) I will repost to clinciallibrarian. PS I am no longer going to MLA because the main reason for going was to attend an Advanced Searching workshop … the one that will be held in Melbourne in April! See details on my blog. It will soon be announced on aliaheatlth too.

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