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CPD23 Thing 14: Zotero / Mendeley / citeulike

I’ve downloaded Zotero (I use the Firefox browser at work) but I haven’t played much with it yet. I attended a free online Menderly tutorial late last year (see this post) and was impressed. However, I can’t download the desktop tool so using at work is not feasible unless I bring in my iPad or my laptop. However, there is a import feature that sits in your bookmarks list. From the website:  “Once you’ve located a document you wish to import, you’ll need to click on the bookmark you made earlier on either your bookmarks toolbar, or via your browser’s bookmark menu. Mendeley will then automatically import this document, and the associated PDF file if possible, into your library with the option of taking a webpage snapshot as well.” And get this – it imports from CiteULike! I’ve used the latter – it is just like Delicious (which has changed ownership and has been wonky since). Perhaps I will move our library’s Delicious links to CiteULike (which seems to be more stable) or Menderly. Or both – to cover bases just in case one goes under. Anyway, back to Zotero. I’ve watched a series of short videos by Havard Kennedy School Library & Knowledge Services (USA) that, although of a business slant, are really useful. Click here to get to the YouTube video series.  I have a monthly session on the weekly in-service training for nurses which occurs on the ward in the education/clinical room (one was in a room that also functioned as a storeroom). Most wards have them. This month will be referencing and bibliographic management on the renal ward. I plan to show them Zotero.