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ICML 2013 now in UQ Repository

Presentations from the International Congress of Medical Librarianship (ICML) are now available in the University of Queensland (UQ) repository.

IRG Pre-conference Workshop – HTAi13

Check this advertisement out! I have to say that I am feeling very chuffed. Who knew that an event our group organised would have an advertisement like this! Many thanks go to Sally Wood of EAHIL.

Seoul page EAHIL

Being audited by ALIA

I got an email from ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association) a fortnight ago informing me that my professional development activities are going to be audited. All I have to do here is enter in all my activities into their online recording system, print it out and post it to them. I thought that, having my membership number and password on file, they could retrieve it themselves, but they probably can’t due to confidentiality issues etc. Seems a little bit of a round-about way of doing things.  It will be an interesting experience as I haven’t been audited for anything before. Is it similar to retaining CILIP  associate status? I’d be interested to hear your views!